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Name of post and author: Green Tires? By, Rob Goetsche Jr.

Hyperlink: Rob Goetsche Jr.

Date: 4/22/10

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I have heard the same thing about keeping your tires pressure up, and I think it actually makes sense. I think that there are a lot of different things that you can do to “go green”. My personal opinion is that we should be mindful about our environment, but not get too obsessive about it. When I really think about this, I think that people get really worked up about the environment and going green, but people care less about people who are dying all over the world. I think that there needs to be a fine balance. I mean what is more important, our environment, or people’s lives?  

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Name of post and author: Resumes By: Annalee Cole

Hyperlink: Annalee Cole

Date: 4/21/10

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Thanks for the really great post. I also think that it is really important to be organized in every area of life, but especially when you are trying to get a job, because it is such an important thing. I also agree with you that it is important to update your resume. I also think that it is important to alter your resume each time that you update it. Each job is different, end each job is looking for certain things, so it is important to alter your resume for each job. Anyways, thank you for the good advice in your post!


Name of Post and Author: Record Day! By: Amanda Furmage

Hyperlink: Amanda Furmage

Date: 4/21/2010

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You are so cute!!! I know how you feel though, it is so exciting to know that people are actually reading the things that you have put your hard time and work into! Although some of the topics that we have been required to blog about I have not fully enjoyed, it has been a good experience. This summer I will be blogging as I travel to China to pick up my little sister that we are adopting. If you are not completely sick of reading blogs and would like to follow my family and me on our journey my blog is

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Name of Post and Author: Did you Know? By: Amanda Furmage

Hyperlink: Afurmage

Date: 04/14/10

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I really enjoyed watching that video in Professor Langley’s media management class. It is so crazy to think how quickly things happen and change. It is actually kind of scary, for me at least, because I feel like what we learn now in school is going to be irrelevant. Well, it is actually pretty much proven that it will be irrelevant. So I ask myself, why am I going to college? Why am I putting myself through all of this? I guess I have come to the conclusion that college is more about the things you learn about yourself and relating to others than anything else. College is about the experience. So what am I doing here sitting in my room working on homework??? Well…. I don’t know!

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Name of Post and Author: TOW 8- I could and I would, ’cause I should ROADTRIP By: Steph Schroepfer

Hyperlink: Steph Schroepfer

Date: 04/14/10

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This was really cute! You were so creative in the way that you wrote your post about spring break. I am from Ohio, and I drive back and forth every year for school… it is definitely a long drive, but I have made so many amazing memories on the trips! Well… although you didn’t actually get to have your dream road trip on spring break, I hope that you had a relaxing time, whatever you did. And, I hope that someday you are able to accomplish your dream of driving down the coast on spring break!

Comment #: 21

Name of post and author: In Times of Crisis By: Mike from VA

Hyperlink: MikefromVA

Date: 04/14/10

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It is so true that it takes only a second to mess something up, but a whole lifetime to develop good character. The problem that I have when it comes to crisis is that I want to prepare myself so that when it does hit, I am able to handle it well, and I am able to handle it properly, and calmly. Now you may wander, why is that a bad thing? Well, a lot of times it is impossible to prepare for a crisis. That is why it is called a crisis. You can develop safeguards, but most likely you will not be fully prepared. Anyways, good post!

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Name of post and author: Leadership Series: Craig Groeschel By: Rob Goetsch Jr

Hyperlink: Rob Goetsch Jr.

Date: 4/14/10

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I took the leadership forum on DVD form and I loved all of them! I really did enjoy Craig Groeschel and everything that he had to say. I learned so much! I LOVED the quote that you stated in your blog post. I wrote it down in my notes while I watched it! “if you blame yourself for the decline you’ll take credit for the increase.” This was such an insightful thing to say. I have never viewed it that way, but it is so true! I am really glad that you posted something about the leadership forum that I could relate to! It was a phenomenal experience!

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Name of post and author: PR professional interview By: Tiana Holding

Hyperlink: Tiana Holding

Date: 04/14/10

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This was a really good post and I totally agree with what you said about the importance of having a career in something that you are passionate about. I think that it is so important to spend your life and your career doing something that you are passionate. I know for me, I want to wake up knowing that I am going to a career that is influencing others for the better. I want to change people’s life; I want to inspire them to be great. I think that it is very important to figure out what you are passionate about and pursue that with all of your heart!

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Name of post and author: 10 Tips for new bloggers By: Tiana Holding

Hyperlink: Tiana Holding

Date: 04/14/10

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Good post! I had a lot of the same tips for new bloggers. I think that one of the most important thing to remember when you are blogging for a specific class, is to keep up with the blogs. As you mentioned, don’t slack off. The more you get behind on your blog posts, the harder it gets to be creative, and most likely, your blog posts will become less and less inspiring to others, specially if you are rushing to get them done at the last minute. That is my personal opinion, but I think it is true for everyone.

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Name of author and Post: Innovations By: Amanda Furmage

Hyperlink: Amanda Furmage

Date: 04/07/10

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I think that the ipad is really sweet, but I just don’t understand why you would want it. I feel like it would be really annoying not being able to see the computer in front of you. I guess I just don’t understand what the difference is between the iphone and the ipad, other than the size. Are people buying it as a computer? Or in place of a computer? I love Apple, I have a macbook, so I’m not an apple hater, I just don’t understand what the benefits are of the ipad. Thanks for the blog post!

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Name of Post and Author: PR Interview By: Juliet Jones

Hyperlink: Juliet Jones

Date: 04/07/2010

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Wow, I was just talking to my mom about Rifqa Bary and the sad circumstance that she has been placed in. I have been somewhat following the story of Rifqa through different things that I have seen posted on face book, and it is such a sad situation. You are so blessed to have been able to speak to her public relations spokesperson. What an amazing opportunity! The interview was very helpful. I especially like the tips that he offered to the students. My favorite one was know your passions and become an expert in them. I think that this is something that so many people miss in their careers. If we are not passionate about what we are doing, then we are not going to enjoy doing it for a long period of time. Thanks for the interview! I enjoyed reading it!

Comment #: 15

Name of post and author: Communicating with the WORLD and one PR agent By: Steph Stroepfer

Hyperlink: Steph Stroepfer

Date: 3/23/2010

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Good post! I enjoyed reading about your interview. In your post it says that you found that PR professionals are using internet and the World Wide Web a lot more than they used to. This is also what I found when I interviewed a public relations professional. It is amazing how much we have at our fingertips. It is not as hard for our voice to be heard as it used to be. Through the internet, people can hear our voice, and we can make a difference. This is affecting public relations in a dramatic way, as you found through your interview.

Comment #: 14

Name of Post and authors name: Inside Look By: Amanda Furmage

Hyperlink: A Furmage

Date: 03/23/2010

Full Comment:

I really thought that the interview with Martin Waxman was helpful as well! You had some really beneficial points to make about the interview and the importance of social networking. I also thought that is was interesting how companies are using twitter as a way of finding out how the customers respond to products and whether the customer service is good according to the outside world. I also found it interesting that the use of social media is so prevalent in organizations today. Although we have learned a lot about this in our classes, it still is amazing how far we have come digitally in media.

Comment #: 13

Name of post and authors name: What’s in a Name? By: Tiffany Harris

Hyperlink: Tiffany Harris

Date: 03/23/2010

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I agree, public relations is a very broad topic to go into, which is what I like about it. I think that there are several different areas that we could end up working in when we graduate with our bachelors in public relations. This is a great thing, but can also make some of the classes that we take seem unnecessary. I don’t know about you, but there are many times when I am sitting in class that I wander why I am majoring in this area. I think that is because I picture myself doing something different with my profession than most people do. Either way, if you research it, you will find that there is an array of opportunity within the degree of public relations.

Comment #: 12

Name of post and authors name: Music and Public Relations? How About Cakes instead? By: Molly

Hyperlink: MissMillyPR

Date: 03/18/2010

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I love TLC! I am pretty sure that I could watch almost every show that airs on their channel! Although I have never watched a full episode of Cake Boss, I am quite certain that I would enjoy it, if I had the time to watch it! I think it is so cute that he has a family owned business. Also, I believe that PR has a huge part of business. Getting the word out is going to be vital in becoming a successful business. I enjoyed reading your blog post. It was creative, and caught my eye particularly! Thanks Molly!

Comment #: 11

Name of Post and authors name: How to be successful in Your Job interview! By, Mike from VA

Hyperlink: MikefromVA

Date: 03/03/2010

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I liked how you talked about the importance of basically having a life outside of school work and classes. I think that a lot of people who do well in school miss that. If you do not know how to relate to people and present yourself well in an interview, then you will have no future outside of the academic environment.

I also agree with the importance of your appearance. It is so important to dress professionally and to have a good first impression on the company. The best way to do this, is to dress professionally, and have confidence while walking into an interview. Good blog with a lot of good tips! Thanks!

Comment #: 10

Name of post and authors name: Week 5 TOW By Brian Molina

Hyperlink: BrianMolina

Date: 03/02/2010

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I agree, twitter is not the same as facebook status updates, nor is it supposed to be. I think of twitter as being more of a reference to people to other information, or entertaining things. I love it when people share links about different things going on all over the world. On facebook, however, I view things as being more personal. Your status updates are more about what is going on in your life. Because a lot of people that follow you on twitter, do not know you personally, it should be more about current events or newsworthy stuff. That is my opinion though!

Comment #: 9

Name of post and authors name: Mr./Mrs. Approachable By Rob Goetche

Hyperlink: Rob Goetche

Date: 02/23/2010

Full Comment:

Wow! Really good blog! I think that this is a vital question to ask yourself when you are getting ready to enter the world of public relations. If we are not approachable, then our chances of getting people to hear our voice and listen to our views and opinions are small. I like the point that you said we gain credibility when we become approachable because people begin to trust us. This is an important thing to establish within the professional world. We need to be credible, we need to be trustworthy, and we need to be approachable. Great blog! I think that it is important to think about and to develop in our own lives.

Comment #: 8

Title of blog post and authors name: My “one week of twitter” By MikefromVA

Hyperlink: Mikefrom VA

Date: 02/23/2010

Full Comment:

I agree with you! People say that tweeting is stalkerish, which is absolutely right, if you post your every move. However, I think that it is a great way for networking inside the business world, which is Professor Nixon’s whole point in getting us connected to twitter. I don’t know if I will continue to twitter as much as I did for this class, but I will definitely keep the account and use it for networking! Who knows, we could get a job for after graduation, simply because of a connection on twitter. And I’m sorry you haven’t gotten any comments! Hopefully after that note, people will comment more!

Comment #: 7

Title of blog post and authors name: Twitter By, Tiana Holding

Hyperlink: Tiana Holding

Date of comment: 02/13/2010

Full Comment:

As you were saying, I totally agree that twitter is a great way that you can share your thoughts with others and hear their thoughts as well. I love using twitter as an encouragement to others, or at least as a resource to inform others about different things that are going on, or different resources that they can use. I have used twitter before and use it for all of the different reasons that you listed. I think that it will be very beneficial throughout college and as we get ready to graduate and try and find a job. As technology advances, we must advance with it, or we will be left in the dust.

Comment #: 6

Title of blog post and authors name: Robbee G’s Twitter story By, Rob Goetsch Jr.

Hyperlink to blogpost: Rob Goetsch Jr.

Date of comment: 02/13/2010

Full Comment:

Good blog post! I had used twitter for awhile 2 years ago, so when Barbara assigned us the one week of twitter, I was not excited about it. I wasn’t excited about it because I stopped using it 2 years ago because it simply, got on my nerves. It really didn’t care about a lot of the stuff that I read on twitter, and to make it worse, I also had updates sent to my phone, making my phone vibrate, literally all the time. However, I must admit that twittering for this class was much for beneficial for me then just doing it for fun. It had more purpose, networking, and all that. So I guess what I am trying to get at is that you can get a lot out of twitter, I think that it is all about how you use it and what kind of a resource you make it!

Comment #: 5

Title of blog post and authors name: Twitter by Juliet Jones

Hyperlink to Blog post: Juliet Jones

Date of comment: 02/13/2010

Full Comment:

I totally agree with you! I also had a twitter account before we had the one week of twitter. I actively used twitter 2 years ago, and then decided to stop using it. I think that the big mistake that I made the first year was that I had updates of too many people sent to my phone. I was getting updates, all the time, and it began to annoy me… a lot. However, when Barbara connected us with all the different PR professionals, I felt like twitter was going to benefit me in more ways. That is why I really enjoy using it now. I agree with you that our generation does not take the time to read the newspaper or anything, so if we can get news quickly and easily, then we will read it.

Comment #: 4

Title of blog post and authors name: Big Dreams by Amanda Furmage

Hyperlink to blogpost: Amanda Furmage

Date of comment: 02/06/2010

Full Comment:

Wow, I really loved your blog. It is so exciting that we are finally getting to the point in our lives where we can start looking into careers. I feel like this is what I have been looking forward to my entire life! It is also encouraging to think that we are going to be doing something that we love! I have done the same thing, where I have gone to different websites and searched careers that people have in public relations, and every time I do it, I get really excited. I found another good website, if you would ever want to check that one out too! Thanks so much for the interesting information.

Comment #: 3

Title of blog post followed by authors name: Lakeland’s Best Parks. Josh Nederveld

Hyperlink to Blog post: Josh Nederveld

Date of Comment: 02/04/2010

Full Comment: I loved your post about the different parks in Lakeland. I just moved here for college last year and have been pleasantly surprised at how many beautiful parks we have right here. I baby-sit for a little boy, so one of our favorite parks to go to is the Common Grounds park. It is perfect for him, because it is entirely fenced in, and he can run around without me worrying about him. I think it is really awesome that Lakeland has created a park that can entertain all ages, and even children with special needs.
I also love Hollis Gardens. I think that it is so beautiful. It is perfect for a quaint picnic, to take pictures, or even for a wedding. Just taking a casual walk through it admiring the beauty of God’s creation is entertaining as well. I enjoyed your blog! Thanks so much!

Comment #: 2

Title of blog post you commented on followed by the authors name: TOW 3. Amanda Furmage

Hyperlink to blog post: Amanda Furmage

Date of comment: 2/1/2010

Full Comment:

I really enjoyed what you talked about within your blog about commenting. First of all, I loved the movie Julie and Julia! The movie made me want to make my blog an inspiration to others. It made me want to try new things, and encourage others with it. I believe that the movie shows that even when we feel like no one is listening, someone is.

I loved how you said “Blog comments are what make pages so interactive, unlike static websites.” Blog comments truly do make blogging a whole new experience. Without comments, we as bloggers miss out from receiving input from our readers. We also miss out on certain opinions that could change our view on different topics or even life.

Comment #: 1

Title of blog post you commented on followed by the authors name: Grammar Girl on Text Messaging Grammar. Michelle White

Hyperlink to blog post: Michelle White

Date of your comment: 1/27/2010

Copy and paste complete comment:

Wow, thanks for your blog Shelli! It was so interesting, now I want to go back and listen to her pod cast about texting! I have found that it is so easy to use abbreviations that we use in our text messaging, and instant messaging in important, professional pieces, because we get so used to it. I am amazed about the article that you talked about that said in New Zealand they allow their students to use texting abbreviations within their exams. Wow, I just don’t think that sounds right. I think that it is good to use when you are communicating with people through texting, in informal circumstances, however I do not believe that it should be accepted for qualification exams. I think that there is a place where you have to draw a line, and I think that is taking it a little too far. However, that is just my personal opinion.

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