Comm 2322 Chapter 1 reading notes


Source: Public Relations Strategies and Tactics

Chapter 1 Reading Notes

  1. Four core components of Public Relations
    1. Research
    2. Planning
    3. Communication
    4. Evaluation
  2. Strategies- Statements of direction
  3. Public Relations writers are not supposed to be objective, but rather advocates.
  4. The most important piece of equipment in a public relations office is a computer
  5. Reference sources that are important for Public Relations Writers
    1. A reference library
    2. Encyclopedias
    3. Dictionaries
    4. AP stylebook
    5. Media directories
  6. Current information on public relations can be gained via
  7. Practical Writing guidelines
    1. Outlining the purpose
    2. Sentences that are clear and concise
    3. Paragraphs that are shorter rather than longer
    4. Word Choice- shorter words for general public pieces
    5. Use verbs that enhance your writing
    6. Use strong imagery that can provide readers with visuals
  8. A few Errors to avoid
    1. Spelling
    2. Poor sentence structure
    3. Words that don’t make sense
    4. Too many numbers
    5. Bias and stereotypes
    6. Politically incorrect language

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