Comm 4333 Chapter 1-3 Reading Notes


Source: Public relations Writing and media techniques

Chapter One Notes

If we were to shadow a Public Relations professional throughout his or her day, we would experience all different kinds of projects, in just one day on the job.

  1. Important skills in a PR professional
    1. Written communication
    2. Interpersonal communication
    3. Research
    4. Negotiation
    5. Creativity
    6. Logistics
    7. Facilitation
    8. Problem solving
    9. Aspects of public relations
      1. Research and analysis
      2. Policy formation
      3. Programming
      4. Communication
      5. Key Words that frame modern Public relations
        1. Deliberate- Be intentional.
        2. Planned- Public relations activity is organized. Solutions are thought out. PR requires research
        3. Performance- The organization must be responsive to community concerns.
        4. Public interest- Public relations should be beneficial to the organization and the public
        5. Two-way communication- PR agents must provide solid feedback.
        6. Management function- PR agents must be able to solve problems at high levels
        7. RACE
          1. Research
          2. Action
          3. Communication
          4. Evaluation
          5. Public relations does differ from Journalism
            1. Journalists are more observers, where PR personnel are advocates. PR professionals have the objective to change peoples attitudes and behaviors about the public.
            2. Journalists write for large audiences, where public relation professionals separate their audiences into different demographics.
            3. Journalists usually work through one channel or publisher, where public relation professionals can be employed by several mass media outlets.
            4. Five Essential abilities
              1. Writing skills
              2. Research ability
              3. Planning expertise
              4. Problem solving ability
              5. Business/economics competence

Chapter 2 Notes

  1. Public relations has been around since the Egyptian days. Although it has been altered and changed each century, the concept has stayed the same.
  2. Public relations was a huge part of The Boston Tea Party.
  3. In the early 19th century, public relations began to show itself in the political realm
  4. George Creel was asked by President Woodrow Wilson to organize a public relations effort to influence the public’s opinions of World War I.
  5. Six principles of public relations management:
    1. Tell the truth
    2. Prove it with action
    3. Listen to the costumer
    4. Manage for tomorrow
    5. Conduct public relations as though the whole company depends on it
    6. Remain calm, patient, and good-humored
    7. Measuring outcomes- the long-term effectiveness of a public relations program
    8. Measuring outputs- how well a program was executed and how effective its tactics were

Chapter 3 Notes

Ethics and Professionalism

  1. Three basic value orientations
    1. Absolute- Believe that every decision is either right or wrong regardless of the consequences
    2. Existential- Immediate practical choice
    3. Situational- each decision is based on what would cause the least harm or the most good
    4. PRSA- Public Relations Society of America. This is the largest PR organization in the world
    5. Professional Code of conduct
      1. IABC (international Association of Business Communicators)  Code of ethics says 3 principles are essential:
        1. i.     Professional communication is legal
        2. ii.     Professional communication is ethical
        3. iii.     Professional communication is in god taste
        4. VNR’s- video news releases
          1. Must be accurate and reliable
          2. Sponsor of the release must be clearly identified on the tape
          3. Persons interviewed on the tape must be accurately identified by name

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