Be Personal? On the web? YES!


I have desires, yes, I have dreams for this life that God has blessed me with. I want to bless others, encouraging them to be great, in every area of their life. I want to develop personal relationships with the people who hear me speak and who read my work. But in this world, where technology is so quickly growing, is this something that is possible? Can you develop a relationship with someone who is across the country, or even across the world through simple words that are posted on a blog?

This is my desire. I want my words to change the lives of others. Why wait to bless others? Why wait to encourage others? We can start now. Why do we created this false mentality that we are not old enough, or perhaps that we are not developed enough to touch the lives of others? We are! We can start now! The question that we must ask ourselves, is whether we are going to use the technology that we have been given.

I read Darren Rowse’s blog How to Be a More Relational Blogger [Tips for New and Established Bloggers]. As I read, I began to feel encouraged about the future of my blog, and about the future of my voice. My small voice can be heard! Darren discussed within his blog the idea that we CAN affect our readers, however, we must become transparent to our readers. We must become personal within our blogs.

I learned that it is important to put effort into developing relationships with your readers, as a blogger. This will not come naturally, or without hard work, but having dedicated readers that enjoy your blog, will be worth the work. He encourages you to comment on blogs in which you follow, and reply to the comments that your readers leave for you. You can even email your readers to let them know that you appreciate their comments, encouraging them to read and comment on future blog posts.

I loved how within his article he talked about was the importance of telling your own story, and sharing who you are with your readers. While reading his blog I began thinking about my recent goal of becoming more intentional in all the areas of my life. This is NOT easy to do! I am a busy girl! And when I say busy, I mean busy! I am currently enrolled for 20 credit hours (although 3 of them do not start until March, Praise the Lord), and I am working 3 jobs. I spend several hours on homework, work out, and try to keep up a social life! I say all of this to reiterate that developing relationships and spending time with people is not always easy when you are always on the go! We must be intentional. Intentional means to do something deliberately, on purpose. Our lives must be filled with purpose. If we go around living meaninglessly, then at the end of our life I believe that we will look back with regret.

So readers, if there are any of you out there yet, let this be an encouragement to you. Life is too short to not be intentional about the things we say, the organizations we support, the relationships we build, and even the blogs that we write. Begin to think about the way in which you spend your time. Are you being beneficial to others? Are you pouring into them in a way that CHANGES THEIR LIFE? Because you can! You can change the life of someone who is right next to you, or across the world. The power is in your fingers. In one click are you going to bring life or death?

The decision is up to you.



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About relating2thepublic

I am 21 years old and attend Southeastern University where I am pursuing my degree in journalism and public relations. I have many dreams and passions and I have decided to begin taking action now in accomplishing these dreams. I believe that everyone can be great, but they must persevere through struggles. I hope that my blog is an encouragement to you!

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