Is Anybody Listening??


Do you ever feel like you are talking, but no one is listening? Are you ever chatting with someone online and you wait and wait and wait, until you finally  type, “are you there”, to which you receive  glaring message saying, “this person is offline”. What a wonderful feeling!

Today I am going to discuss the importance of receiving comments, and the importance of commenting on your fellow bloggers sights. I don’t know a person that does not like to get comments. Whether it be on Facebook, on a blog site, on twitter, or on another social networking site, people like to know that someone is reading their work. I mean, the reason that you write, the reason that you post information and inspiration online is ultimately, so that others can read it.

Now that we have established the fact that people post things for others to read, we can begin to understand why commenting is, indeed, an important part of blogging. The author wants to know that people are reading their material, and even more importantly, the author wants to know that people are enjoying their creation, their work of art, their masterpiece. Writers of blogs also want to know that they have been an encouragement to their readers, and in what specific way they have encouraged. It is good to know what kind of blog posts people are enjoying, so that you can better cater to your audience.

When you are trying to decide how to write your blog comments, I think that it is important to be personable. Try to relate to the author of the blog in the best way that you possibly can. This will allow the author to understand you, and your relationship will be off to a good start. Create conversation about the blog post, offering your opinions on the different subjects discussed within the blog. This will create discussion within the commenting portion of the profile, and will often encourage other bloggers to jump on board and add their opinions to the mix.

Something else that is important to remember when leaving blog comments is to be sensitive to the author of the blog. This does not mean that you have to agree with everything that he or she says within their blog, but it means stating your opinion tactfully. When you leave comments like this, it will encourage the author, and will hopefully make the author think about your point of view also.

Once again I would like to bring up that we have the power to lift up others or to destroy them. This is relevant in commenting as well. Let your comments encourage those you follow, for you will appreciate the favor when it is returned to you!


About relating2thepublic

I am 21 years old and attend Southeastern University where I am pursuing my degree in journalism and public relations. I have many dreams and passions and I have decided to begin taking action now in accomplishing these dreams. I believe that everyone can be great, but they must persevere through struggles. I hope that my blog is an encouragement to you!

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