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Shel Holtz & Neville Hobson. For immediate release

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For immediat release #522

While listening to Shel and Neville discuss the AP style book and I learned the importance of using the AP style book, even in my everyday writing throughout life. While Shel explained exactly what the AP style book is used for, Neville seemed to be excited about all the uses that the book actually has. Shel highlighted the different uses of the AP Style guide. Being in journalism class last semester, I learned the importance of using the AP style guide with every article that I wrote. Shel reminded me of the importance of a style guide in a profession such as that.

Before I came to college, I had never heard of the Associated Press Stylebook. When I was in high school we were required to own the Writers Inc. book. This book covered basic grammar and english questions. However, I have found the AP Stylebook to be entirely more helpful.

Something that surprised me about the podcast was how many style guides there are available. I also was surprised that different organizations set up their own style guides. I was surprised that each style guide that is written is composed of different information, which can seem quite random at first glance. Although they often discuss common grammar and spelling errors, Shell said that one company that he worked for even included references to company names.

After taking journalism class, I feel very comfortable using the AP style guide. However, something that I would like to know is how they produce style guides. Do they simply take subjects that people struggle within the company with and write the book as a guide? This is what it seems like they do to me.

I know that the AP style guide is very important and will be an important part of my life as I pursue a career in journalism and public relations. The information in style guides are essential elements that will change the way our writing will look.


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