Chapter 4 Notes

  • Publicist- A public relations writer who writes and places stories in the media
  • Effective publicists need to know 3 things:
  1. Be thoroughly familiar with traditional journalistic news values
  2. Know where to find news and how to select the angle that will be most interesting to journalists and the public
  3. They must be problem solvers and come up with creative publicity tactics that effectively break through a forest of competing messages
  • There are 4 obstacles that publicists must navigate to begin generating coverage in the news media
  1. Media gatekeepers
  2. Shrinking new hole
  3. The reality that the traditional mass media is now fragmented, and it is no longer possible to reach the larger public through a single medium.
  4. information overload
  • Traditional news Values that a PR professional should abide by:
  1. Timeliness
  2. Prominence
  3. Proximity
  4. Significance
  5. Unusualness
  6. Human Interest
  7. Conflict
  8. Newness
  • Ways of finding news:
  1. Important papers
  2. Periodicals
  3. Clipping files
  4. Other published material

Public relations writing and media techniques


About relating2thepublic

I am 21 years old and attend Southeastern University where I am pursuing my degree in journalism and public relations. I have many dreams and passions and I have decided to begin taking action now in accomplishing these dreams. I believe that everyone can be great, but they must persevere through struggles. I hope that my blog is an encouragement to you!

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