Chapter 4 Notes

  • George Westinghouse reportedly created the first corporate public relations department in 1889.
  • Public relations helps organizations build relationships and ends up saving the company money from different circumstances that would have happened if there had not been a PR practitioner in place.
  • Public Relations departments have several different names in the corporate world including:
  1. corporate relations
  2. marketing and corporate affairs
  3. investor relations
  4. public affairs
  5. marketing communications
  6. community relations
  7. external affairs
  • Levels of influence that departments of PR are involved in:
  1. Access to management
  2. levels of influence
  • 4 areas of possible friction:
  1. legal
  2. human resources
  3. advertising
  4. marketing
  • Advantages of Public Relations firms:
  1. Objectivity
  2. a variety of skills and expertise
  3. extensive resources
  4. international jobs
  5. offices throughout the country
  6. special problem-solving skills
  7. credibility
  • Disadvantages of public relations firms
  1. Superficial grasp of client’s unique problems
  2. Lack of full-time commitment
  3. Need for prolonged briefing period
  4. resentment by internal staff
  5. Need for strong direction by top management
  6. need for full information and confidence
  7. Cost
    Public Relations Strategies and Tactics

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