Chapter 6 Reading Notes

  • Fact sheets– one-page background sheets about an even, a product, or even the organization
  1. These may be distributed with a news release or even be part of a media kit
  • Media kit- also called a press kit. the contain a variety of materials, such as news releases, fact sheets and photos
  • Media advisory- also called a media alert. Used to let assignment editors know about a newsworthy event or an interview of opportunity that could lend itself to photo or video coverage.
  • Pitch- Effective memos and emails that will persuade reporters and editors to cover your product, service, or event
  • While making a Fact Sheet it is important to include the following 7 things:
  • The dates of the exhibit
  • the number of maps on display
  • a short description of some rare maps on exhibit
  • hours of the exhibit
  • Admission fees
  • the museum’s address and the telephone numbers
  • the corporate sponsers
  • Corporate profile– a second kind of fact sheet that is a one-page sheet giving key facts about an organization
  • Media advertisories- also called media alerts because they tell assignment editors about upcoming events that they might be interested in covering from a story, photo, and video perspective
  • EPK’s– or e-kits are Electronic Press Kits. They are more versatile than traditional printed media kits, because they can include multiple pieces of information in a variety of formats (text, video, photo, audio, animation).
  • Tidbits on pitching a pubication:
  1. Research the Publication
  2. prepare the pitch by deciding what would be appropriate for a particular publication
  3. Make sure your subject line of the email is creative and stands out
  4. Follow up on your pitch 

Public relations Writing and media techniques


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