Airports?? Where is your layover?


BWI Airport Address

Airports. Being a student in Florida, but “home” being in Ohio, I spend a lot of time in airports throughout the school year. Flying home is always exciting, but some of the airports that you might come across, may not be so exciting.

PR Daily news put out an article that discusses the 15 worst airports in America. Check out the link below. You may rethink you’re connecting flight the next time YOU are traveling!!

15 miserable airports


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  2. This was somethign that caught my eye. I tend to travel quite a bit since I am from Chicago and go to school in Florida. I looked at the list of airports and I was not suprised to see O’Hare as the number 6 worst airport. One of the resons has to be just because of it’s size. It is very large and actually about to get bigger. When ever I fly home I try to go to Midway Airport instead because I am almost 95% sure my flight won’t get delayed. It is always delayed at O’Hare. This is annoying because I only live 20 minutes from O’Hare and an hour from Midway. I’d rather be ontime then stuck for hours because of a delay at O’Hare!

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  4. I have traveled by plane a few times, since Charlotte is too bad of a driving distance away from Florida. I’ve flown out of the Tampa airport, primarily, and have never really run into any problems as far as layovers go, despite the usual 15-minute or so delays. I’m so thankful about this! I couldn’t imagine being stuck in an airport for long periods of time, and I shudder when I hear the horror stories of people being stuck in the airport overnight. I’ve come to the conclusion that driving home is the best way for me, and choose to have fun on the road trip!

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