Chapter 10 and 11 Reading Notes


Source: Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics

Chapter 10

  • Key Components in strategic conflict management:
  1. Strategic- for the purpose of achieving particular objectives
  2. Management- planned, deliberate action
  3. Competition -striving for the same object, position, prize, as others
  4. Conflict- sharp disagreements or opposition resulting in a direct, overt threat of attack from another entity
  • Phases of the conflict management life cycle:
  1. proactive phase
  2. Strategic phase
  3. Reactive phase
  4. Recovery Phase

Chapter 11

  • Controlled media- The use of communication channels that reach directly to the audience
  • Reaching diverse Age groups:
  1. Youth and Young Adults
  2. Baby Boomers
  3. Seniors
  • Other Emerging Audiences:
  1. Catholic and evangelical groups
  2. The gay/lesbian community
  3. the disability community
  4. Women

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