Social Media News Release… what is it?


Social Media News Releases seem to be more and more common as media continues to take over society in such a strong way. From my research on social media news releases, I saw that there seemed to be a lot of critics that do not agree with them, or do not understand their effects. However, from my research, I have found that they are effective, and will continue to be affective, probably even more effective as we progress in the area of communication and media.

One blog that I found discussed different news releases is found here: prsquared.

I also found a really great example of a social news release template from

Within this example they instruct you on the different things that you should include within your social media news release. They discuss that the first information at the top of the page should be the contact information. You should include contact information for the client, contact information for the spokesperson, and also contact information for the agency that is contacted. It should also include a news release headline, as well as a subhead. It also should hold a link to a purpose filled website or webpage. It can also contain a photo, a mp3 file or podcast link, a graphic, and even a video, if applicable. You can also contain links to different pages, like your organizations Facebook, twitter, or DEL.ICO.US.

Another good site that I found takes a look at social media news releases and discusses what they are used for and why they are beneficial to an organization. This is Social Media Press Release.

Basically, from what I found from my research on social media news releases is that they are a good resource, because they create one place that discusses media as well as ways that customers can stay up to date on key stories.


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