Social Media News Release. Final Project for Comm 4333


There is a lot of talk about social media news releases. People are wandering what they are, what are their benefits, and how exactly one can use one. Well that is exactly what I am going to talk about within this post. After reading this you should understand what a social media news release is, some different advantages and disadvantages of social media news releases, why a public relations professional should consider using a social media new release, as well as links and tips that will be helpful in creating your very own social media news release.

So first of all, what is a social news release? Social new releases were specifically designed for online media outlets. Press releases are made for the press world, but when you are writing for an online audience, it is important that the writing is altered for the reader to understand online. This means that it is important to reach a whole variety of different types of people who will be reading the blog, or media release. This can include journalists, as well as bloggers, and every day people in general.

A social media news release usually contains the traditional narrative style article as well as images, videos, audio, and even links to other information or web pages. Many people wander whether social media news releases have an impact on those that read them. So far social media news releases have resulted in having double the editorial coverage and up to four times more than simple blogs.

There are several advantages and disadvantages to social media news releases. One advantage can be that you are able to reach a larger span of people. By submitting your news release online, more people will be able to come across it than if it were simply completed by press and placed in a newspaper. Another advantage of a social media news release is the fact that you are able to embed different media within the news release. You are able to easily add video and audio into the news release because it is online. By using technology, you are able to incorporate a lot more media within it, versus press, in which you are only able to incorporate different images. A disadvantage of using a SMNR is the fact that people are able to access them for free; this means that anyone is able to view them unless you have it protected by a password.

Another disadvantage that can occur is bad links. One of the largest advantages of social media news releases can also be a disadvantage. This is the fact that you are able to simply embed a link to the company’s website, and customers are able to directly reach the company’s website, with just the click of a mouse. This is wonderful, and brings a lot of great traffic to the website, if the link is correct! Do not make the mistake of miss linking customers. This is a very important aspect that you should not disregard, but pay very close attention to.

A PR practitioner should specifically consider using a SMNR when they want to include a movie or even an audio within the news release. This could be in the circumstance when you are trying to report on an artist and would like to include a piece of their newest track. This could even include a short portion of the interview with the artist. This could also include a video advertisement for a specific thing or person. These are all places in which a SMNR could be used.

There are several styles of writing. However, there are specific tips that I can offer to writing specifically for a media audience.

  1. Do not give away the story within the announcement. Give a brief description of what it is, but allow the journalist to decide a creative topic.
  2. Provide plenty of quotes from important people who are within the business.
  3. Provide quotes from customers, if it is applicable to the situation.
  4. Provide a lot of links within the release. That is one of the advantages of using a social media news release, so why not take advantage of it?
  5. Make sure that the links are set up correctly. It would be easy and not good to send someone to the wrong place.
  6. Place your content in several different areas. Place your pictures on Flickr and your videos on YouTube.

There are several websites that actually help you create SMNR’s and will even give you templates to make them. Below are links to 4 of them that I have found specifically helpful:

Shiftcomm template

Shiftcomm template 2

PRsquared template

Twidox template

Lastly, if you would like to see a social press release example for yourself, follow the link below:

Example of SMNR

This is a social media press release that DuPont placed introducing a product to further protect firefighters.

I also found a helpful instructional movie on YouTube if you would like to take a further look into social media news releases.

Informational video

I hope that this was helpful in showing you the uses, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of social media news releases.

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  1. I just want to tell you that all of your posts are very enjoyable and easy to read. And I definitely think that even though I had to write my own rendition of this same topic, after reading yours I feel like i still left learning something. Thanks for always having well-organized posts that are informative and well-written! You always have good links to get to other places related to your posts which is helpful. I know this isn’t all that specific to this particular post but I was reading it and realized that you should know! 🙂 So good job!

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  3. Wow Mikelle! If anyone had ANY question at all about news releases, they don’t anymore! You spoke from many hours of research and study on the subject! Being descriptive and honest are two things that are so very important in news releases, and you touch on these issues and so many more! This was very enjoyable to read!

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