Comm 2322… oh the things I have learned!!

Public relations applications has taught me so much this year that I was formally not aware of about public relations as well as the different social networking tools that are available. As a result of this, I have compiled the top 10 things that I have learned this semester while taking the public relations applications class.
  1. I have learned how twitter is beneficial for job opportunities. I had used twitter before I took this class, but it was more for social and fun. In this class I learned how it can actually be used to for something beneficial.
  2. I have learned the things that you should not do as a public relations consultant, when dealing with journalists
  3. I have learned what a news release is, and how to write an effective one.
  4. I have learned how to create a blog that people are able to easily read.
  5. I have learned how to create content within my blog that people want to read.
  6. I have learned different crisis that will happen within the career of public relations, and different ways in which I can handle them as well as solve them.
  7. I have learned how to be career minded in every area of life and why this is beneficial.
  8. I have learned how to create a resume that will stand out to my employer
  9. I learned what “publics” are and how everyone has them, and they affect each person everyday.
  10. I have learned why public relations professionals are necessary in companies and what their exact role is.
This has been a wonderful class and I have truly enjoyed all that I have learned in it. Thank you so much for reading and following my blog. If you would like to see a different side of my writing and who I am, join me this summer as I travel to China to pick up my little sister that we are adopting.

About relating2thepublic

I am 21 years old and attend Southeastern University where I am pursuing my degree in journalism and public relations. I have many dreams and passions and I have decided to begin taking action now in accomplishing these dreams. I believe that everyone can be great, but they must persevere through struggles. I hope that my blog is an encouragement to you!

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  1. There is a lot of things you don’t really think about that go into Public Relations. I know that going in to the job force, I will be creating a positive image on the social media networks as well as just trying to get my name out to the different areas and companies I’m interested in. The different outlets and ways to get information out that I have learned throughout my time in college will help me in my life, and these ten things you have listed pretty much wraps it all up. Good Post!

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  3. Mikelle,
    I am gald that you enjoyed your time this semester in Comm 2322, public relations applications. I must say that I also enjoyed our time together and I also learned a great deal of valuable information’s. This is a great list of information that you have compiled in this post. I actually included so of the same points in my top 10 post. However, I might have approached the topics slightly different in my post. I think it is great that each of us bring out different aspects of great information and then share our thoughts with one another!

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