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TSwift dating JMayer is Another word for Publicity By: Kyla White

Kyla White


I love Taylor Swift’s new song. Even though she is extremely bitter and mean in it, it is definitely one that you can easily come to love, whether you choose to our not. Listen to it once, and it will be in your head for the remainder of the day… and maybe the next three. I never thought about it that Taylor Swift may have written the song along with John Mayer, but hmmm that definitely makes me see things from a different light. Anyways, you are doing a great job on your blog! I really enjoy reading! Thanks for publishing so much relevent stuff.


Public Speaking By: Michelle Paulino

Michelle Paulino


I really enjoyed some of the tips that you offered for public speaking. I have read a few posts on this, and your were different than any of the ones that I have seen. I thought that you brought up a great point when you talked about conentrating on the message, and not the medium. I think that this is a vital part of presenting. It is important to be aware of our stature and expression, but not to the point that our message is distracted. I also liked your point that people want you to succeed. It is so easy to get intimitated in front of a crowd and to feel as though they are just waiting for you to mess up, but you are right, they want you to succed just as much as we oursleves want to succeed. Thanks so much for your amazing tips!


TOW #11 By Juliet Jones

Juliet Jones


I really enjoyed reading your top ten tips for public speaking. A few of the ones that stood out to me was number 5. I think that it is vital that you maintain eye contact with your audience. It is really easy to get so caught up in what you are speaking on that you do not connect with your audience by eye contact, but I believe that it is one of the most influential ways to connect with a person. I also agree that you should make an outline. Do not write your speech out, it is easiest to keep eye contact with your audience when you don’t feel like you have to follow the script of an outline. Thanks for the tips!


TOW: Top 10 Presentation Skills By: Jenifer Molitor

Jenifer Molitor


I really liked your post and I think that you have a lot of really key points to follow for presentations. I had not mentions the idea of varying your speaking tone when I wrote on this subject, but I think that it is very important and helps your audience to stay alert throughout your entire presentation. I also liked number 2, body language. You are absolutely right that body language is very important in presenting. Good body language definitely shows that you are confident and excited about what you are speaking on. Even if you don’t feel that way, at least act like it.


What to do when a crisis hits you! By: Tara Parker

Tara Parker


This was a very informative blog post that can be applicable to almost anyone, PR related or not. Even if it is not related to PR, you have experienced crisis in your life, and I think that some of these pointers can be applied to other areas of life. I Really liked some of the things that you listed under the “don’ts” list of things. I think that it is important not to get defensive, like you mentioned. It is easy to get defensive when something that is close to you is getting someone attacked. However, most of the time getting defensive just hurts you more than helps you. Thanks for the good post Tara!


The Social Network By: Jessica Nguyen

Jessica Nguyen


I have been wanting to see “The Social Network” but have not had the chance to get out to see it yet. However, after reading your review on the film, I have an even deeper desire to see it. Being a Facebook user myself, I think it would be great to understand the background and what the founders have had to endure on their journey to creating one of the most used social networking websites in the world. I look forward to seeing it, and I don’t think that I will be disappointed. Thanks for the recommendation!


Are Podcasts Beneficial? By: Tara Parker

Tara Parker


Good post Tara! I agree that it is really beneficial to take the time to listen to podcasts and read blogs that directly relate to public relations, because it allows you to see the profession that we are going into from an inside point of view. It is amazing how much technology allows us to know about the world we are about to enter. We really have the world at our fingertips, it is just taking the time to sit back, listen, or read. Although everything that they say may not be accurate, you can take what you want and leave behind what you think isn’t accurate.


These Kids Should be The Face of Starbucks Coffee By: Kyla White

Kyla White


It really is so true. Almost everything is about image, and how people perceive who you are, and the message that you are conveying. I follow Starbucks on twitter as well, but I must have somehow missed this tweet. It is so… cute! I agree with you that we are definitely drawn to things that are appealing to us. Those kids are so cute, that I think that even a non coffee-drinker might be compelled to get something at Starbucks. It was definitely a smart move for Starbucks to tweet the image as a marketing ploy. Super cute picture, and good post!


Benefits of PR Blogs By: Michelle Paulino

Michelle Paulino


Thanks for the great information in this post! I especially liked the #HAPPO twitter based initiative. I had no idea about that, but I think that it will be really beneficial as I look to find internships and eventually jobs as well. I think that it is awesome that technology has advanced so much that we are able to find out about opportunities a lot easier than we used to be able to. Thank you so much for the information in this post, and good luck as you receive your ticket into the real world!


How to get yourself Hired By: Katie Davis

Katie Davis


This was a good post, and really important, especially for the season of life that we are in. I particularly liked the portion of your blog post that talked about the questions that we should prepare for when getting ready to be interviewed. I think that a lot of the questions that they ask in interviews are hard to answer, because it is all about yourself, and if you don’t like to talk about yourself, like many people don’t, it makes it hard to answer these questions. That is why I believe it is a good idea to prepare to answer these questions before you go into the interview, so you are not put on the spot. Thanks for helping me to start to think about what I would say!


My Interview with a Manager of PR By: Mike Trivett

Mike Trivett


I think that interviewing public relations professionals is such good experiences for us. I think that you are able to learn more about what it will actually be like being public relations professional. Although no day is typical, I think that it is good to know that there could be no typical day, and be prepared for it. I enjoyed reading about the three main points that we should be aware of. I believe that it is vital to have a good and positive attitude in the industry that we are in, because attitude changes everything, and can have an impact on others.


TOW-#6- Corp. PR interview By: Juliet Jones

Juliet Jones


I learned a lot just by reading your post on your interview with Lance. I think that it is interesting that he wished he would have studied communications in college. He is not the only person that has said that they wished they would have done communications.  I have talked to many people that feel as though communications would be a valuable major now that they are in their career. I also thought that he made a really good point when he said that it is important to stay current in whatever industry you have the desire to work in. Great post Juliet! I learned a lot!


Topic of the Week 7: Public Relations Blogs By: Jessica Nguyen


Jessica Nguyen

I really enjoyed reading your post about Paul Young’s PR blog. I did take a look at his blog and agree that it is really awesome that his site does not feel like a typical “PR” site. I enjoyed reading a little of his post and noticed the same thing as you, that it was engaging; however it was not overbearing, or too intense. I think that reading blogs is beneficial because it teaches you to think outside of what you typically would think, read or write about. I enjoyed reading your blog and I think I would enjoy following Paul Young’s blog on a regular basis as well.


T.O.W. Featuring PR Communications Blog By: Jenifer Molitor

Jenifer Molitor


I think that blogs definitely help you to find out information that you would not have otherwise known about. However, I think that while reading blogs it is important to keep an open mind and know that everyone that is writing is not necessarily correct. I think that you can learn a lot of great information through blogging, but some blogs can also be misleading. I liked how you said that it doesn’t matter if want you are reading about is not relevant to what you are doing, because it is always good to learn more about things that don’t necessarily interest you.


Interview By: Michelle Paulino

Michelle Paulino


Wow, great job on the interview! I really enjoy reading your writings. I love the way in which you write, it is the different way that you put your words together that makes your writing stand out. I think that it is always exciting to interview other public relations professionals because it gives us an idea about what we have to look forward to in the future. I also found her “nuggets” interesting. The one that stood out to me the most was about starting out in the industry. It is okay to do some “grudge” work, and will probably teach us a lot more than we think.


TOW Week 5 By: Tara Parker

Tara Parker


I have used twitter off and on since 2007 and your right, you really can’t judge whether you will like it or not until you yourself actively engage yourself into the “twitter world”, as I like to call it. I agree with you that twitter is a valuable tool, especially in the world of public relations. I would encourage every college student to use twitter, and not to simply use it for fun, but for beneficial purposes that will give them networking opportunities that they never thought possible which can lead to internships, which can lead to a potential job. Thanks for your post on tweeting, and I’ll see you on twitter!


Smitten with the Samsung Epic 4g Camera By: Barbara Nixon

Barbara Nixon


Wow!! Barbara those pictures are beautiful! I can’t believe that you took them with your cell phone! You’re right, your “camera” surely does double as a cell phone! (not visa versa) I can’t wait to trial this phone and check out the awesome camera on it! I, like you, enjoy taking pictures in everyday life and I think that it is awesome that this camera has the capabilities to take such beautiful pictures! I also like Margaret’s idea in the comment above of taking a picture of a quote that you know you will forget if you don’t write down! How nice to know that you will have such a fabulous camera with you, all the time! Thanks for sharing God’s natural beauty in nature!


Echoes on the Internet TOW3 By: Katie Davis

Katie Davis


I really like the setup of your blog. It is different than any of the other blogs that I have seen! I agree with the things that you have mentioned about commenting. I think that commenting allows the blogger to know that people are reading their blogs, that someone is out there! It is good because you are able to get feedback from your readers, as well as somewhat build relationships with other bloggers. I like it when I receive comments that actually make me think, and it makes me want to write back to the person that comments. Comments are also a way to get traffic back on your blog, because it is simple for people to click right over to your blog!


“The Social Network By: Jennifer Cicotta

Jennifer Cicotta


I have heard a lot about this movie, and I totally agree with you that we should all go and see it as it will give us a unique perspective on our much social media has taken over our lives. Facebook has surely become an addiction to so many young people, so much to the point that we have lost touch with how to communicate in person without awkwardness. I am thankful for a lot of the social networking outlets, because I am able to stay in touch with so many people that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to, but I also think that we have to be careful and not lose out on real life relationships.

# 6

Topic of the Week 3 By: Tara Parker

Tara Parker


I am so excited to do this project on Sprint 4g. I currently use the AT&T service provider, and I have been very pleased with their services. However, I am excited to use this 4g phone and understand a little more about how the Sprint service providers compare to my trusty AT&T service. Your post was good, as I was not formerly informed on the details about Sprint. Thank you for the link to follow them on twitter. I had not thought about following them on twitter yet, so I was able to do that. I am excited to get this project rolling and see what happens with it!

# 5

The World of Twitter By: Joshua Massaro

Joshua Massaro


I have found that twitter is very helpful for professional things as well. When I began using twitter in 2007 it was primarily for the social aspect of life. However, when I began to use it in the way that Barbara recommended, I found that there are several ways that I can benefit from twitter in a professional sense. I have been able to find several contacts for internships, which I believe can only benefit me in the near or distant future. Business has come to a point where it is primarily about who you know. Network, network, network, I believe this is what will make you stand out.

# 4

PR… More Than a Press Release By: Joshua Massaro

Joshua Massaro

Date: 9/20/10

Great post! I really like what you had to say about the career in PR and how many people seem to misinterpret what we are there to do. I can also understand why companies try to avoid crisis, but a lot of times it is unavoidable, that is why it is called a crisis. I think that when a company steps up and takes a stand for what has happened within their organization, they are found respectable by the community.


Social Media Madness By: Whitney Gonzalez

Whitney Gonzalez


Wow, your blog is looking so great!! I love how you have incorporated so many images into all of your blog posts! It really makes it look bright and cheery, and makes it easy to read. I also think that it keeps the readers attention and interest! As far as this post goes, I am with you when you say that you have become more vibrant in the networking arena since I have been in Barbara’s classes. I too have joined Linkedin as well as PRopenmic. Your blog looks great, and I really enjoyed looking through it! Keep up the good work.

# 2

Power in the Written Word By: Michelle Paulino

Michelle Paulino


First of all, I love your blog! Very cute, and nicely put together. And now, about your post, I completely agree with your view on the use of comments. This is my third semester blogging for a class, and I also did a blog this summer while I travelled to China (check it out at Mikelle Liette). Through this experience of blogging, I have recognized the importance of useful comments. It is nice to know that people are reading your blog, but it is especially nice when they offer insight on your blog entry or direct readers to another link that would be useful to the subject discussed. With that said, I hope that my blog comment has helped someone else!

# 1

Topic of the Week 1 By: Tara Parker

Hyperlink: Tara Parker

Date: 9/14/10

Complete Comment:

This was a great post! I loved how you thoroughly explained each of the different social media outlets and provided the way in which they can be used. I have also found that these websites have helped develop relationships that you would not have otherwise connected with. I tend to use twitter for more of a professional database, and then I use Facebook for more of a hobby, connecting with friends from far away as well as planning with other friends. This post explained these different social media outlets very well. I have not yet used four square, but I can see how it would build beneficial connections in a different way.


About relating2thepublic

I am 21 years old and attend Southeastern University where I am pursuing my degree in journalism and public relations. I have many dreams and passions and I have decided to begin taking action now in accomplishing these dreams. I believe that everyone can be great, but they must persevere through struggles. I hope that my blog is an encouragement to you!

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