Issues Management (ch.11)


Issues management is “a corporate process that helps organizations identify challenges in the business environment.”

The issues management team is a group of people who are representative of different areas of the organization that are key to the company’s existence. For example, sales, legal, PR, security, etc.

Make sure you are able to prioritize the issues and sort them by way of significance.

Magnitude analysis “assesses the relative magnitude of the threat’s impact on the company’s reputation and operations”

Likelihood analysis “Assesses the relative certainty or probability that any particular event will take place and will cause operational or reputational damage.”

“Business Objectives describe Outcomes.”

**Best Practices in Issues Management**

-Focus on the goal, not just on the processes

-Get management Buy-in

-Name an accountable leader

-Involve all relevant business functions

-Set tangible communication objectives and measure success against them

-follow the plan, focusing on the goal; adapt the tactics to changes in the environment, but keep the emphasis on the goal.

Source: Reputation Management


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