Do You Know How to Clean your Copy?


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      While taking the “cleaning your copy” course on Newsu I learned a lot about how to solve different grammatical problems that you might have in your copy. This may seem like a very easy thing to do, but you will find that it is harder to catch little mistakes then you may think. It is important to proof read every word of the work so that you are careful to catch little mistakes and typos. This course helped me to be able to choose the right word when deciding between difficult pairs like that/which or that/who.

       “Cleaning your copy” emphasized the AP style guidelines and encouraged me to take advantage of the AP stylebook for different questions that I may come across. The course also helped me to be able to recognize punctuation and spelling errors that I may not have otherwise recognized.

     While taking this course I did not find anything particularly surprising, but I did find it interesting how many things that I have forgotten since my early English classes. A lot of the things that were reviewed within this course were things that I learned in elementary and junior high English classes, but I had become rusty on a lot of my skills. I was also surprised by some of the commonly misspelled words. They included harass, embarrass, and occurred. Though I had not heard of this before, it does make sense to me that those words could be easily misspelled.

     Something that I would like to learn more about is how to word my sentences in a better way that could be perceived more clearly. I enjoy creative writing, and I enjoy writing things in a different way, but I desire to expand my vocabulary and write in a way that no one else has written. In an interesting way that touches the readers and draws them in. This course was very beneficial and showed me the importance of  “Cleaning your Copy” and editing your work.


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