Speak up. Sing out. Let Your Voice Be Heard.


Speak up. Sing out. Let Your Voice Be Heard

November 2012

Though a lot of people will not even begin thinking about politics until next Labor Day, many diehard Americans and political junkies have begun getting revved up, as yesterday marked the official beginning of the long race of the 2012 campaign. Though politicians never really stop campaigning, the official wars are about to begin and I am here to highlight the Republican 2012 field, in order.

Rick Perry is seemingly the frontrunner, but will it last? He is taking a lot of junk from both sides. So can he handle it? If Perry is going to win the nomination, Fox news believes that he is going to need to use his attackers against each other. Perry has a long run ahead of him, but if he can keep cool under the fire, he may stand tall until the end.

Mitt Romney has his own strategy that he hopes to keep up and ahead of Rick Perry. As the Republican Party has become more conservative since 2007, so has Mitt Romney. His message has remained an assault on President Obama’s economy while publicizing his own business credentials. If Perry becomes under attack by Palin and Bachmann, than Romney will most likely take a quick lead in this race.

Michele Bachmann made her mark August 13 when she delivered a deathblow to Minnesota’s Tim Pawlenty. Bachmann’s hype was short-lived though, because Rick Perry joined the race the next day, changing everything. Some wonder if she is too edgy for mainstream politics, so she needs to be careful in how she handles herself. But that is not her biggest challenge, for now she needs to decide if she would rather see Perry or Romney standing in the end, a hard decision to make for someone who was on the top, for one night at least.

Ron Paul is still in the race for different reasons than most. It is not because he gives the smoothest speeches, or has the best personality. Instead, most of his support is because of his libertarian principles and his stable message. Ron Paul seems to be leading a movement, not running a campaign, something that some are looking for. Though Paul is not at the top, he may be able to pick up several independent and libertarian votes. Paul presently has 8 percent of the republican vote, and if he can keep that strong, he may be able to stay in the race.

As the months continue, I will follow the latest changes within the presidential election. Who’s who? Who stands for what? And what changes come as the competition gets heated.

And so, my fellow Americans… Let the race begin!


Source: Fox News   


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I am 21 years old and attend Southeastern University where I am pursuing my degree in journalism and public relations. I have many dreams and passions and I have decided to begin taking action now in accomplishing these dreams. I believe that everyone can be great, but they must persevere through struggles. I hope that my blog is an encouragement to you!

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  1. The upcoming 2012 election will be the first one in which I am eligible to vote. I have never been in to politics, but over the course of this next year I am sure I will be thrown into what’s going on. These were some good insights into what is currently going on. You can tell that you looked into what kind of candidates they are. Before reading this, I had heard these candidates names before, but I did not know what kind of candidates they are (with the exception of Mit Romney because he is a former governor of my home state). What are the political backgrounds/experiences of these candidates? Who is looking to be more qualified than the others.

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