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Friday, August 5, 2011 By: Katie Davis

The Journey


This is beautiful. The ability to see the goodness of God through every situation is such a gift. Never lose sight of that. Your love is amazing, over flowing and blessing those around you, never lose sight of that. You are loved by an amazing God who will provide for you as you continue to serve Him. Never lose sight of that.


On earth as it is on heaven By: Katie Davis

The Journey


You are an amazing example of the love of Christ. Your passion and commitment to the people of Uganda has left me speechless and in amazement of your strength. You are an inspiration to many and make it evident that with Christ, all things are possible. Your love for the children is beautiful, the exact replica of Christ’s love for us. May God bless you and keep you.


What every Designer Needs: Dafont By: Amanda Furmage

Sideline Chatter


I have heard of dafont, but I have never used it. It is true that most of the fonts that are found on Microsoft word resemble something that you would see in the 90s. This website could definitely spruce up some flyers or announcements and make them look a lot more trendy or up to date. I am definitely going to have to try this out! Thanks for the recommendation!


iphone4s By: Ben Herrman

Writing for Digital Media


I am getting ready to get the Iphone4s next month and I am so excited about it. I have held out on getting the iphone all through college, and finally as I am about to get a real job and enter the professional arena, I think it’s about that time. I think that it is crazy how there is always something bigger and better out there. I am sure that as soon as I get my iphone4s, they will be talking about the next best thing, but I guess that’s just the way it goes!


My First Liveblogging Experience By: Amanda Furmage

Sideline Chatter


Great job on your live blog! Good choice on live blogging the volleyball game! I really enjoyed doing this assignment and then looking at yours as well. I think that live blogs are a great thing, and I think that they are something that can be integrated into journalism and very useful for the future of journalism!


Meet Leslie Ludy! By: Sarah Hassani

Delicious Future


This was such a great reminder to me. Sadly, it is true that we often get caught up in the busyness of life and God often times gets put on the back burner. This is totally the opposite of what should happen. In fact, when we get the most busy, it is even more important to spend more time with God, because that is, indeed when we need his strength the most, and if we truly believe that He is our strength, then we need that special time with him, all the more!


Beware Online “Filter Bubbles” By: Annalee Cole

Annalee Cole


I found this video very interesting. I was not aware of how skewed our internet searches can be. It is actually very scary to think that we believe that we are getting good, sounds information that may not be. To me this emphasized the importance of having educational resources like scholarly journals as references for papers. Good post!


Student or Master By: Martin Waxman

My (PR) palette


I think that this is definitely something that is happening to many students and professors because of the advancement in technology. I have really enjoyed my Public Relations classes in particular because of this way of learning. I feel as though I am a co-instructor, as one of my professors calls it, and it is a really nice learning environment. I think this way of teaching allows there to be a mutual respect that may not have been there before.


Facebook Timeline reveals the future of sharing By: Charlene Li

Charlene Li


It is amazing how much social media has taken control of our society and influenced our lives as an individual. I am a college student and as the iphone and droid has given students the ability to locate Facebook and Twitter at any moment has drastically effected the way that we live our lives. It also has caused us to be less social and more reliable on technology to make our friends for us. It certainly has changed our lives, and will continue to do just that.


A College Student’s guide to getting started with Twitter By: Barbara Nixon

Public Relations Matters


Twitter has been a great way for me to connect with other Public Relations professionals. It has been very beneficial the past couple of years as I have been searching for internships as well as jobs in the PR world. It is amazing how many connections you can make in a short time!!


Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Reading By: Elizabeth Telg

Let me Speak


I think that one of the most important points that you made within this post was to keep your stories brief. A lot of times when people are taking time to read articles, they are not taking time to read a novel, and they won’t read a novel, so you might as well make it shorter. It is possible to write a good amount of information, but make it look like less by splitting it up into smaller paragraphs. This will change the way your message is presented and will most likely attract more people to your work!


Fresh Meat Freshman By: Sarah Hassani

Delicious Future


I loved your post, especially the quote that you included at the end! I definitely think that it is a great idea to discuss your schedule with your roommate so that you know when you will have the opportunity to have some quiet time, and a chance to spend time with God. It is definitely important to get plugged in too! It will change your entire college experience!


Commenting like a Pro By: Nick Tedeschi

Getting PRactical


This was a really well written post. I really appreciated how you talked about blog commenting allowing you to be a part of the blogosphere. I think that is definitely important and helps you feel more connected to the reader. I also loved how you said giving the reader the option to comment gives him or her a voice. This is so very true and is a great way to get feedback on your work!


Commentaire de blog? Oui! Oiu! By: Josh Nelson

Save the Beard


So I stopped by your blog and I thought to myself as I read your post about comments, hmm… I should comment on this! But really, it’s true that every writer, whether they admit it or not, desire to hear some sort of feedback from their followers, and hopefully positive! I enjoyed reading your post and loved how you said that you don’t charge people to read your blog, but your form of currency is feedback! This is very true and I hope that my comment has made your day J


Blog Comments By: Rachel Laflam

Mid day Coffee Break


It is so true that we are evaluated with how we communicate our own ideas. I liked your idea of focusing on 3-5 different blogs to comment regularly on. I think that is a great way to develop a relationship with the blogger and also with other frequent readers of that particular blog. I also liked how you talked about the quality of your own blog comment and how it reflects on the quality of your writing within your blog. This is absolutely true, and will influence how often people look at your blog.


Online Writing: A new world of possibilities By: Annalee Cole

Annalee Cole


Great post Annalee! Everything that you mentioned is so on target. I especially liked how you mentioned that online writing is not like writing a research paper. It is so important to be personal in some way, or people will not enjoy reading your stuff! Also, writing in small paragraphs is key, because people get bored or turned away if they click on something that looks like a lot of reading. Make it look inviting and people will read!


TOW: FOX News Blog By: Dean Adams

This is the place


This post first stood out to me because I really enjoy watching or listening to Hannity! I love how you said it is “The Great American blog”, not just a great American blog! I also like how you said that it is his self promotion. A lot of times that would be looked at as narcissistic or vain, but it is the truth! His blog is raising publicity about his show, his opinions, his voice, and it’s okay that it is!


TOW 1 My Dearest First Year Students By: Naida Lindberg

Lets Talk Public Relations


Great job! Your blog is looking great! I loved your 3 main tips for freshman. I found the same thing to be true, that involvement is key to feeling a part of the university. It doesn’t mean you have to commit to every event, meeting, and get together, but at least give one or two clubs a try. I know that if I would have taken my own advice earlier, I would have had a lot more friends my freshman year! Good post!


Letters To The Past. By: Tara Duffy

Behind Closed Doors


I loved your creative way of writing a letter to the freshman Tara! Very cute! I loved your sarcasm and the pure truth in what you said! I also loved that you said to love who you are… be confidant in who YOU are. I think that is the most important thing. Too many freshman get concerned about what other people will think of them, I know I did. So it is important to know who you are, be confident in it, and live in it!


Dedicated to First year student Me: Thriving in your first year at SEU By: Barbara Nixon



Get Involved in the clubs on campus! Find one that is a good fit for you and see what they are about!

Do intramural sports! You will meet a whole new group of people and it is good to get out and get active!

Find a church that you can get involved in. Explore the options, but don’t go more than 6 months without finding a church that you want to continuously be involved in.


About relating2thepublic

I am 21 years old and attend Southeastern University where I am pursuing my degree in journalism and public relations. I have many dreams and passions and I have decided to begin taking action now in accomplishing these dreams. I believe that everyone can be great, but they must persevere through struggles. I hope that my blog is an encouragement to you!

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