Images Galore!


Image Credit: Attorney Marketing

Why is the human eye attracted to images? Why do children automatically gravitate towards the pictures in books? Why do adults enjoy strolling through art galleries? Images. Images communicate in a way that words cannot. Ever heard the saying a picture says a thousand words? Well, it’s the truth. Pictures allow your mind to experience an idea or belief in a different way. Pictures can even explain ideas in a way that words simply are not able to. Pictures can add a new level of life to writing.

Within blogs it is important that you add images to add color and life to your blog. Images are good because they can spark a new idea in the writer’s mind, and it might help the writer to understand the subject that the post is talking about.

Images are also a good idea because they can break up the writing within a post. Many people enjoy reading blogs because they are often short posts and you are able to read through them quickly. Short paragraphs are often a trait of blogs and placing pictures in between the paragraphs or at the beginning and end of posts helps to break up the writing even more, making it visually attractive to the reader.

Images can also link to another site, so be careful that they are linking to where you want them to go. Make sure you always site the image that you use within your blog. If it is not your picture that you took, you must give credit.

Images can really brighten up a blog if they are used correctly. Be careful to always pick appropriate images and images that are relevant to your blog post. If it is hard to tell how the image might fit into your writing, it might be best just to leave it out! So choose wisely, and enjoy adding a little big of spunk to your blog!


About relating2thepublic

I am 21 years old and attend Southeastern University where I am pursuing my degree in journalism and public relations. I have many dreams and passions and I have decided to begin taking action now in accomplishing these dreams. I believe that everyone can be great, but they must persevere through struggles. I hope that my blog is an encouragement to you!

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