Superbowl commercials!


Well it’s that time of year again. The grocery stores are stocked up on Tostidos and chip dip. Families are deciding which team to root for and marketers are preparing their best commercials for the event. Though my team, the Cleveland Browns have had yet another disappointing season, I still have enjoyed watching the playoffs and I always find myself at a party ready to watch the Superbowl and eat all of the good snack food. Marketers have certainly taken this NFL event and made it into a way to sell almost anything. Families rent TV’s, stock up on food and soda and sit back to enjoy a night of good football and good humor from the commercials.

According to an article on West Fair Online. The price of a 30 second commercial in this year’s Super Bowl ranged from $3.5 to $4.0 million depending on the time slot. Commercials typically cost close to or above 1 million dollars to create, so that is a lot of money to put out for one small time slot. So is it worth it? Companies have been forced to determine whether their 30 second time slot with 800 million potential viewers is worth the big wad of cash.

Something that companies have to be aware of is how offensive their commercials are to various audiences. Understanding that families nationwide are tuning into the Superbowl should influence the script that advertisers submit. I personally thought that there were a lot of ads in this years Superbowl that were offensive to me. There were a lot of seductive images within the commercials that I do not think were necessary or family friendly. I know that many people have different point of views, but I felt like this year there were a lot more ads with women that were dressed inappropriately.

However, there was one ad that i particularly liked the humor in and I have included it in this post below!


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