Foursquare: A home for Stalkers? or not?


Image Credit: Mashable

Foursquare is a way to keep up with friends, discover what is nearby and save money while ‘unlocking’ rewards. I chose to write about Foursquare this week because I am not a huge fan of this particular form of social networking. Perhaps that’s not fair for me to say because I have actually never used Foursquare, but to me it seems like the perfect place for stalkers to camp out and watch their prey. Perhaps I am taking this thing a little to far, and if so, I hope that you comment on this and let me know, but honestly, it is a little creepy to me.

Before I go into more reasons of why Foursquare scares me, let me first say that I know the application has its benefits. I have learned that it is a good way to meet people who are out and about that you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed and wouldn’t have known that you have common interests or a reason to connect. I also realize that by becoming the “mayor” at certain places or even by just checking in to certain companies you can get discounts and rewards. That’s an awesome thing, but not worth it to me.

Call me paranoid if you want, but I get nervous enough with just having twitter and Facebook. Though I have private accounts on both twitter and Facebook, I still get weirded out when people know certain things about me. This is why I will probably never use Foursquare. Quite frankly, I don’t want people knowing where I am. Not because I am trying to be secretive at all, but simply because I don’t like feeling like I could be followed. Now I know that Foursquare probably has very few people using it with the intent of following someone or ‘stalking’ them. But I don’t want to be the one that finds out the hard way that stalkers do indeed ‘check in’ on foursquare.

Now, aside from my thoughts on foursquare for my personal life, I do think that foursquare can be really beneficial for companies. For one, it gets your companies name out into social media, which is always a great thing. Secondly, through foursquare you can become the ‘mayor’ of certain businesses and then you get special deals and promotions through it. That is a great way to get your customers to come back in, and motivation for people to visit your store often. This can be a great thing for companies to use to market their organization! And it can be a lot of fun for the customers as well! Just be careful, and use wisdom with your privacy options!


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