Social Bookmarking: What it can do for YOU!


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What is it?

Have you ever found a website that you want to share with friends or family. Your first thought is to email them the link, simple as that. You have participated in social bookmarking, only there is a lot more you can do with it when you use a host site. Simply put, social bookmarking is a tagging website so that you can save information and pictures for later. The great thing about social bookmarking is that they are already online, so you can easily share them with friends and family AND you can access them, whenever you want, wherever you want. The great thing about social bookmarking is that you can look at what other people have found interesting or beneficial and add it to your social bookmarking network. It’s a great and easy way to learn more quickly.

How Can College Students Use


Social bookmarking is a great way to find specific information without using a search engine. As opposed to a large search engine, social bookmarking allow you to type something in and narrow it down rather quickly. It is great for college students to use for projects because you are able to get a good amount of information quickly. It is great especially for group projects because you are able to find information and keep it on a site that your other group members are able to access it, see what information you have found and contribute to the research.

How Can Businesses Use it?

Social bookmarking is a great resource for businesses as well. It can be used for curating information, sharing of testimonials, tracking for individual projects, and as an add-on for your public relations campaigns. Social bookmarking within organizations is a great way to be a resource to your community for information!

So Have you Tried it?

Social Bookmarking could be a great resource for you or your organization?

You can check out mine if you want! You can find my

library on Diigo here

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